Tips for Buying Green Office Supplies

Many people are aware now more than ever of the importance of a green lifestyle. This extends to out homes our cars, and even at the office. If you are the person responsible for purchasing the office supplies at your place of work, and are wanting to make your supplies more earth friendly. There are a few things you can do to help this process along. It only takes a few small changes it make a big difference, in the health of the planet, so if you have already been given the go ahead to purchase green office supplies, here are a few tips to help you get started.
Tip#1: Start with the paper. When taking your office to a greener place, it is a great idea to look at purchasing paper with a higher percentage of post-consumer content, or recycled materials. Recycled paper is a great way to get your place of working moving in a green direction. It is also a good idea to check the chlorine content of the paper you are purchasing. Chlorine is contained in paper to help to stay white when exposed to the sun, but paper with chlorine in it will release toxic organic chemical compounds back into the environment. It's a great idea to use recycled paper, but make sure you know what the chlorine content of it is.
Tip #2: Ink Cartridges. There are several ways you can do your part to be a green office when it comes to ink cartridges. Many of the large office suppliers sell re manufactured cartridges. Reusing these cartridges keeps an average of two and a half kilograms out of landfills. Not to mention, that remanufactured cartridges are less expensive than brand new ones. If this idea does not appeal to you, then you can always purchase a refill kit and take care of it yourself, but be aware that it will be time-comsuming and will expose you to some unhealthy chemicals.
Tip#3: Recycled Materials Aren't Just Used for Paper. There are many things you purchase for your office that are made of recycled materials. What does your office go through almost as quickly as paper? Pens and Pencils correct? There are many kinds of different pens and pencils available to purchase that are made of recycled materials. Everything from the outside of a pen casing to a wooden pencil can be made of recycled materials. It is also a good idea to purchase pens that can be refilled, so you aren't throwing them away as soon as you get them.
There are many ways you can do your part to live a green lifestyle. If you are trying to get this way of thinking into your place of work, a great place to start is by purchasing green office supplies. Many of the large manufacturers of office supplies have information on the specific products they offer available for you, so you can best determine the needs of your office, and still fit within your budget. It is important to recognize that we only have one planet, so it is important for everyone to do their part, even at the office. With a few small changes, your office can be considerably greener.

Comfort In The Office Makes For Happy Employees

When you're operating a business, your mind is more likely having to concentrate on one thousand and one things. Where's your money coming from? How are you going to distinguish your company from the competition? What are you going to do about any negative customer reports? In the middle of all this, you might not give a huge amount of thought to your office chairs - but you should.
Your office furniture plays a significant role in terms of office morale and so, while it can seem like a peripheral issue, it's worth making time to think about your current furniture arrangements to ensure your employees are comfortable in their environment. Here are a few of the best reasons why.
Productivity is variable
All businesses want their employees to be as productive as possible as this, generally, makes companies more efficient and better value for money. However, sometimes you have to spend a bit of money first to increase productivity, and your office tables and chairs are a good example of that.
Your staff will find it easier to work if they're comfortable as they'll be less likely to end up suffering from common office maladies such as repetitive strain injury and back pain. When you consider that back pain is one of the main reasons employees go off sick, it makes sense to do whatever you can to ensure they don't suffer from it. Sick days cost the UK economy about A�16.8 billion a year, which shows what a difference it could make to your company.
Happiness matters
Another reason to pay attention to the office tables and chairs you choose is that good quality furniture can help to boost morale. This is partly for aesthetic reasons - if an office looks nice and welcoming, employees are more likely to feel positive about working there. Happy workers are more likely to enjoy and care about their jobs, which feeds into the issue of productivity.
Also, if workers are happy and comfortable, studies show that they are more likely to think creatively and act to solve problems rather than simply moaning about them. So, investing a little in the comfort of your employees could benefit all aspects of your business.
Outside impressions
You should also think about investing in some good office tables and chairs to create a good impression on people who visit your offices. Many businesses receive clients or other visitors on a regular basis, and so you will naturally want to create a good impression on them when they come - and want them to be comfortable.
After all, if a prospective client is focused on their uncomfortable chair rather than your sales pitch, that could be all it takes to lose you their business! Well-supported, comfortable chairs that enable staff and visitors to sit properly are a definite must-have.
Overall, it makes good business sense to invest in the comfort of your employees. It can help them to feel more positive about their work and cut down on common workplace maladies, as well as offering a good impression of your company - meaning high quality office furniture is definitely an investment worth making.

The Legare 60″ X 47″ Corner Desk in Wheat Finish Oak Veneer Review

A home office desk for your computer and other uses must not be very simple looking or too complicated in design. You can choose a moderately lovely office desk. If you want a simple desk with a nice shape, the Legare 60 inches corner oak desk in wheat finish oak is the good. It will only cost you four hundred and thirty nine dollars only, to buy this desk. This price is somewhat steep, but you will enjoy using this wooden corner desk.
Its dark color will go well with most room's walls, ceiling or flooring colors. You could easily choose the corner you would like to position your seat and the side to store other things. Even your friends and family can appreciate this elegant home office desk if you buy it. When you buy this desk, do not fear using it in a usual office. It will even fit a simple reception area or even a simple design office.
The product Features
• You do not need any tools to assemble this corner oak desk in three minutes
• It has an ultramodern curvilinear style that excites young people, urban dwellers, small business or even students.
• It comes with the Legare Bridges, Peninsulas or Extensions to add for extra work surface configuration
• It has decent shelving and veiled cable management that you can easily adjust
• This corner desk is made of high quality, green genuine wood or composite wood veneers
Measuring 60 by 47 inches, the Legare corner desk has just the right size. This is your desk in case you do not want to use any other industrial style desk. This will fit your home or a start up business office or reception area. The problem with many users is that they hate a desk that offers them a hard time when assembling it. The case with this corner desk is completely easy.
In a few minutes and without the use of any tools the assembling is over. In fact, it might take a longer time to decide where in your house you want to place the desk. However, this is not a big problem because this corner oak desk is elegant and its color is perfect. You could store it even in your bedroom or any other room in your house. Simply place everything on top of the desk including your laptop, papers, pens and everything else you want. The Legare corner desk is simply the product you want to buy and start using.
It is easily available and affordable on the Internet, especially at Amazon. Once you order this product, you could have it delivered at your doorstep in no time. Then, you can assemble it quickly and start using it right away. Use the shelves under the workbench to store your stuff decently. You do not have to show up the cable system because the design of the desk allows you to hide it. In addition, have the comfort you deserve by spreading and raising your feet in the manner you wish. Nobody else can see how you are doing beneath the working surface.

What Kinds of Businesses Will the Office Space on Rent Go To?

It is important to be practical. Sometimes, we have to move to a more practical option in order to achieve our business goals. There are so many companies emerging. Sometimes we are seeing one man operations. Sometimes we see small teams. This is because a massive number of companies are moving online. Therefore, they are keeping their numbers lower while keeping the quality high. Nonetheless, establishing an office space can be quite impractical to some extent. It is therefore practical to consider renting a space for different kinds of businesses.
If you have a company that is either scaling up or down, the office space on rent is a fantastic option. It is a practical space to have if you want to keep the costs lower. If you are scaling down, you will most likely want to keep the spending to a minimum. You want to spend only on the core aspects of the business and this is with your employees and other company expenses. With the office space on rent, you can save up to 70% of your normal cost form housing the company.
Some aim to scale down but some desire to expand their manpower. The great thing about the office space on rent is that you can expand and it will allow you to cover a wider area as you move further to your expansion plans. You can also expand by setting up a new department that aims to cover a whole new market. The rental office can be used it serve as a temporary venue while you are expanding your own office, ready to house the new department into the company premises.
For those who wish ease
Some people do not like to travel that far from work. If you and your team are approximate to a particular office space on rent, it is very much practical to have everybody working in that area. If you are operating as one in the office, you can also use the space in order to have your own professional space where you can meet clients and hold presentations. If you are someone who needs to work in another city but only for a short amount of time, getting the office space on rent can also help you in getting a professional environment where you can do your business processes effectively.
There are many more reasons for you to take advantage of office spaces that you can rent. The bottom line is that you can save a lot of money, get the services that you deserve, get a professional business venue and even receive mail or be contacted by new or existing clients for the success of your business.

Think You Know New York? Exciting Facts!

New York is an iconic state, home to the most populated city in the US and one of the most exciting locations in the whole world! Most people think they know all there is to know about New York, but here are some intriguing facts you may not have heard before...
New York was once called New Amsterdam following the Dutch trading posts that were established there. The English took over in 1664 and changed it to New York.
New York became the 11th state in 1788 when it ratified the United States Constitution.
Gennaro Lombardi opened the first New York pizzeria in 1895 in New York City, sparking a craze for pizza that has since become a characteristic flavour of the city.
Oneida is the largest lake in New York and Taughannock is the largest waterfall.
It was the first US state to have license plates as a requirement on the roads for its cars.
Dairying is the biggest farming industry in New York.
New Yorker John Babcock invented the rowing machine in 1869.
Manhattan Island was bought from the Lenape Native Americans for 60 guilders in 1626 by the Dutch, the equivalent of around $1000.
Did you enjoy watching Avatar in 3D? The first ever 3D film showing occurred in Manhattan's Astor Theater in 1915.
A New Yorker by the name of Joseph C. Gayetty of New York City was the inventor who thought up toilet paper in 1857.
Beloved pets can be buried in the Hartsdale pet cemetery, built in 1896 and the site of more than 12,000 plots for deceased furry friends.
NYC Subway buskers actually have to go through auditions in order to be picked to busk. Some of the musicians have even played the Carnegie Hall.
Rochester created bloomers, Jell-O, marshmallows, baby shoes, mail chutes, gold teeth and French's mustard.
From White Plains office space to Midtown Manhattan towers, only Hong Kong can claim more skyscrapers than New York.
Albany on the Hudson River is the state capital and NY is the state abbreviation.
The New York City Marathon is the biggest in the world with nearly 40,000 participants in 2006.
The first ever President of the United States of America was George Washington, who was inaugurated at Federal Hall in New York in 1789.
New York City actually has the lowest crime rate of the 25 largest US cities since 2005.
Forty percent of the subway system in New York is actually over ground.
Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City in 1858 and went on to become the 26th US President.

How to Retain Staff and Boost Morale

As any good manager will tell you, the key to running an efficient workplace is keeping the staff happy. It may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be astounded to hear some of the horror stories employees have told me about the terrible conditions under which they are forced to work. All this does is create a high turnover of staff, which means lower productivity because you're constantly having to train new employees and then repeat the process. A good manager knows that the key to productivity and efficiency is a long-term staff who know they are valued and feel happy to be at work. There are several ways in which you can try to create a good work environment for staff, from taking the responsibility of office cleaning off their hands to making sure their work/life balance is respected. Here are a few tips:
Be Flexible:
These days, no two families have the same requirements and the changing economic climate means that people have to shift things around a fair bit in order to be able to fit all their commitments in. If you can offer a flexible workplace tat acknowledges that people have other commitments than just their jobs, you will be able to retain staff for longer, make sure they are less-stressed while they are at work ad make the most of everybody's full potential.
Be Social
Promoting a good social atmosphere in the office is something that every boss of manager can do to make sure that staff bond and enjoy their time at work more. This can be as simple as organising Friday-night after work drinks, or making a special effort to celebrate birthdays and special occasions when they come up. Never underestimate the binding power of a cake at morning-tea time!!
Reward Good Work, and Be Constructive About Bad Work
Too often, the only time employees ever have direct dialogue with their manager or boss about work issues is when there is a problem. It is vitally important to reward staff by letting them know you value and appreciate the good work they are doing. Also, no one likes being reprimanded for bad work, so try and make criticism constructive rather than destructive to their self-esteem.
Keep a Clean Office
The environment in which we work contributes largely to the way we feel when we are thee, and this included the cleanliness of the office. asking staff to do the cleaning themselves is not really acceptable, and for a relatively low cost, you can get a commercial cleaning service in to keep the office looking neat and tidy. You'll be amazed at the effect this can have on company morale, and an organised space will encourage productivity and efficiency.
Keeping your staff happy is as vital a role as teaching them how to do their jobs properly. It effects every aspect of how your workplace runs and is a necessary part of management that all too many people forget.