Office Space: Should You Lease or Buy?

If you are a small business, the decision you make about your location will lead you to choices in office space. Should you lease or buy? There are a few things to think about, when comparing the question of whether you should lease or buy office space, but they are important to consider. If you plan to purchase office space, you should be prepared for a larger cash outlay, even if you find an affordable price because you will need 10% to 25% as a down payment. This figure can be reduced substantially when you lease executive office suites because you may only need the first and last month's rent.
When you consider the rate of return you could make with your down payment money required for purchasing office space, you could be missing out on the opportunity to make other investments. The other thing that most businesses discover is that a cash cushion is a good thing to have around, especially in tough economic times, making executive office suites a more popular choice and a better financial decision.
While you can enjoy fixed costs by purchasing your office space, you have to worry about maintenance and upkeep issues, which are not a worry with leased space. You can typically sign agreements for a longer term to fix your costs, which is important, when you are just getting started. On the other hand, if your business suffers problems, it is less expensive to get out of a leased space, than it is to make mortgage payments on an empty office space.
You need to consider the growth of your company, when comparing the lease versus purchase question about your office space. A growing company will need larger facilities, leaving you with the hassles and expenses of selling your old space and purchasing newer facilities. It is easier to lease larger facilities, when you are going through the growing phase. If your company has peaked and stabilized, you might consider purchasing space and if you need to down-size, you could consider subleasing executive office suites, to others.
Commercial real estate investment might not be the best long-term investment, although it seems the commercial real estate market experiences 10-year cycles. While there are tax benefits to ownership, your expenses must be written off, over a longer period of time. For those that are leasing executive office suites, the entire lease payment is fully deductible, in almost every situation. You can always do a cash flow analysis to compare appreciation, depreciation, rental increases, interest rate increases and your expenses of upkeep. This can help you answer the question of whether to lease executive office suites or purchase your office space, but try to do the worst and best-case scenarios to get a realistic picture.
You might need to speak with a commercial real estate professional and look at the benefits offered at executive office suites, in different locations. There are a number of things to consider, when answering the question of whether it is better to lease or buy your office space, but with a little research, you can make the best decision for your business.

The Leather Office Chair – You Deserve It

Certainly, a leather desk chair is elegant and classy, but it offers more than eye candy. Leathers adjust to temperature. They do not seem to be hot and sticky in summer or cold and stiff in winter, though one might think they would. And, being leather, they just look comfortable. Perhaps that sounds silly, but, somehow, it's true. Rather like putting on a favorite old shirt.
Choosing the perfect leather desk chair can be a daunting task. But, if you have been doing some shopping, and I believe you have, then for you the process is pretty simple. May I remind you to consider the following points in making your final selection:

A warranty of at least five years (more is better) that covers service and repairs

Adjustable in height so that you are able to bend your arms comfortably and your feet touch the floor

Supportive of proper sitting posture, ensuring a much more relaxed and productive working day.

Rollers built into the legs. If you don"t have them, believe me, it will drive you nuts!

One of the common variants is the swivel base, Even with rollers, it is a big help.

Armed or armless is a very personal choice.

The ability to tilt is very helpful, but not vital.

The use of computers for long hours at a stretch, as occurs in every office now days, even small at-home offices, causes strain, pain, and tiredness, Back trouble isn't the only complaint. People are finding the back of the neck ache is more and more common. It is usually caused from sticking out your chin toward the computer to see better. The proper chair will greatly lessen the occurrence of this pain-in-the-neck. (Pun intended!)
A white leather chair is no more difficult to maintain than any other leather chair. One of the nice features of real leather is the ease of cleaning. Spills and sticky spots wipe up with a damp cloth, Use just a bit of soapy water if you need to, but never household cleaners or detergents. They can damage the leather. If your spot is unusually stubborn, try a dab of vinegar. That usually helps. Actually, unless there is a spill, dusting is mostly all you'll need.
Leather desk chairs are available at reasonable rates these days. So you can have the chair that you really want. But, it is still a major investment. Prices can be reasonable, but we didn't mean cheap. Real leather doesn't come cheap. Hover, remember, this is a long term investment. You will have this chair for many years.
Desk chairs of leather, are a time-tested enhancement to any office as they have a sleek professional look. They give you peace of mind in terms of their comfort and durability, Your leather desk chair will certainly be a mark of luxury. One that you deserve.

Tips on What Do We ‘Treat’ As an Asset in a Small Home Business Or Blogging Business?

Take into consideration everything you use to make the business run smoothly. Whether you are involved in affiliate marketing, blogging your own products.
Entrepreneurs are frequently not experts in any one thing, capable of being the chief, chef and bottle washer all in one. Normally bloggers are creative, so being grounded by the nitty-gritty of spreadsheets seems boring job!
1. Preparing a simple spreadsheet saving you time and money in the near future.
2. Ask your Tax Man about deductions you can claim or, money will be thrown away.
List of possible Tangible Assets purchased and/or used by an Entrepreneur:-
• Motor Vehicle
• Computer
• Lightening Protection Plugs + UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
• Phone (Landline and/or Mobile)
• Printers - Fax - Scanner
• Video camera
• Office Furniture - Desk, Chairs, Visitors Lounge for Business
Inquire at your local tax office what period of time you are given to write an asset off. Remember this is in preparation for when you need an Accountant. Keep all the receipts and proof of payments.
Hardware is given a three year "life span", whereas Software (Intangible Asset) can be written off the books within one year, in my home country.
A few years ago you could write-off a computer over a five year period, so this can change year-on-year. If you get stuck speak to an Accountant or Tax Official.
This part of the accounting can become a bit more complicated than is planned in an Article. So I am only going to make mention of it to enable you to prepare an asset register.
Once your business grows, this is another aspect that must be taken into account and could save you money in the long run.
An accountant in any country would agree that the assets of the business are being financed by the capital (money) of the business owner, possibly with a loan from a bank.
The Financial equation is Assets= Liabilities + Capital or Assets - Liabilities=Capital
1. Asset = Property owned by a person or company (example: your motor vehicle - if used for business purposes) and the list below - each asset will have a "life span" indicated by your tax office.
2. Liability = Financial obligation, money owed (example: You buy a course to teach yourself how to blog, you have agreed to pay an amount over a period of four months - this is a liability)
3. Capital = Money, this can be money you have set aside to start up your business, or money borrowed from a bank (not normally the case when you are starting out as an online entrepreneur), a loan from family or friends.
OK, some of us may be screaming, this is not what I wanted to do, I want to blog and sell products. Unfortunately somewhere along the line you will meet up with the Tax Man, whether it is in your personal capacity for paying tax, or as a business. The more records you have on hand to substantiate your expenses, the easier your life will be.
Personal Tax - refer to your Tax Office and find out from what level of earnings you must start paying tax. Each country will vary make sure you comply with the law within your country.
Business Tax - Consult with an Accountant in your country of residence to register. Remember to prepare your Asset Register and Cash Book/Cash Flow Chart, before consulting with an Accountant, Lawyer, Banker, and Tax Consultant.
When you start to reap the benefits of all your hard work, you don't want to be paying out huge amounts of money to get an Accountant to do the preparatory work for you. Keep simple spreadsheets of your business' progress this saves in time and money.
Wherever possible, try to separate your business bank account from your personal bank account. Most of us venture into online marketing without a registered business and do not take enough care of where we are spending our money.
Sooner, rather than later, prepare for the big day when the business lifts off and you are able to start recouping the money spent over the past year or years.

Office Furniture Creates A Better Work Environment

Just the way you choose furniture for your home, you can choose for your office too. If you are spending a substantial amount of your time at your work place then you definitely need to have a proper furnished office. There was a time when office furniture was not given much importance but today we can see many furniture brands operating in this market which indicates its growing popularity. A well furnished surrounding can enhance your quality of work and you will surely enjoy your work at the office. Getting your office furnished with good quality furniture of innovative designs gives an improved look to your office along with a feeling of positive energy among the employees.
These days furniture are available in different forms and designs. You can choose from various designs like modern, antique, contemporary and the recently popular eco-design furniture. They are specifically designed for office use and suitable for office environment. Office furniture includes office chairs, cabinets, bookcases, tables, shelving, computer workstations, conference tables and few others.
Office furniture is possibly one of the vital business expenditure that you will make. You will find a range of office furniture that suits both your budget and taste. Smart furniture in your office will impress the clients and it will be a pleasure for them to visit your office. Office desk is the most important furniture at your office as it is the place where most of the work in an office is done. Reporting, communicating with clients and all sorts of paper work of your office takes place at the office desk itself. Quality and great looking furniture should be the basic necessity of every commercial enterprise.
Today office furniture is available in various modern designs but while choosing one you should keep in mind the comfort factor. You can choose furniture made of wood which is strong, reliable and long lasting. While buying furniture for your office you can order from showrooms, catalogues or through online sites.
Space utility is a very essential factor. One must buy furniture that fits well with the room and does not occupy much space. If you are not fund constrained then you can appoint an interior designer who takes the entire responsibility to furnish your office as per your preferred choice. So if you are an entrepreneur and are seeking out ways to offer a complete look and feel to your office the best way to do so is by renovating your office with the latest and new furniture.

Media Planning Software Features

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Unlimited Choices In Executive Office Furniture

Executive office furniture is the latest trend in furnishing style that has gained great popularity in recent times. When you are setting up an office of your own, it is quite likely that you will want to give it an executive and sophisticated professional look. Much depends on the look of the office and furniture can truly change the look of an office. The executive furniture collections can do wonders to your office since its look will surely impress your clients and prospective business partners. Executive furniture not only fulfills the criteria of functionality but it also has an appealing and classy look.
Executive office furniture is especially manufactured for imparting an air of sophistication. The market of executive furniture is wide hence there is absolutely no absence of choice when it comes to this variety of furniture. This is because a plethora of distributors and manufacturers are available on the Internet. They all compete among themselves for selling their own product design thereby offering the customers with the option of purchasing the exact item that appeals to them. In fact with so many designs, materials, styles and colors in this particular variety of furniture, you are sure to find it difficult to select just one amongst such a vast collection.
Executive office furniture can do great justice to even limited office spaces and can make it look great. When setting up a new office you may not be able to invest a hefty amount in buying large office space. But even if the office is of limited size, executive furniture can fit in well because of their sleek contours. In fact the definition of executive furniture does include the attribute of being sleek and neat. So even if your office is not spacious, you can make it look spacious by furnishing it with the executive style of furniture.
Comfort is an important factor that you need to take care of when choosing the furniture for your work place. The executive office furniture not only looks good but also offers the advantage of comfort to both workers and visitors. Therefore, it can be said that the executive style furniture is a combination of both comfort and aesthetics. What more do you want if you get furniture with futuristic comfort and great looks at the same time?
From the cabinets to the lounge, executive office furniture can be used to decorate them all. Even the conference rooms in your office can be adequately furnished with executive style furnishings. Space planning and designing of the executive furniture can be done with the help of interior decorators. Once your office is properly set up and designed, you can be sure of greater productivity potential of your employees which in turn would prove to be of great profit to your business. The executive furniture style would add an air of confidence and sophistication to your office.

5 Tips For Adding Some Inspiration to Your Office

Tip #1 - Add a plant or two.
Give your office a refreshing feel with some green plants. They can provide a necessary contrast, especially when you have a lot of gadgets lying around. Particular types of plants, such as English Ivy, Heartleaf and Philodendron, will improve the quality in your office.
As with all plants, remember to place them near a window with adequate sunlight. Also remember to water them, or they won't be so inspirational.
Tip #2 - Set up a relaxation corner
Offices were not meant to be quiet. But designating an area in your office for relaxation and quite will give you a reason to relax. This can be as simple as small chair in the corner of the room next to your favorite book. It's up to you, just remember to use it.
Tip #3 - Add a whiteboard.
Get those ideas out of your head and somewhere real. After using them for many years it is hard to imagine my office without one. You can keep your daily tasks listed, jot out ideas of your next venture, plan for that big meeting, the possibilities are endless.
Tip #4 - Repaint your walls.
No one wants to feel dull and boring. But most people do this to themselves without even knowing it. The color of your office makes a huge difference to your mood. Choose blue and greens to be relaxed, or bright colors like yellow and orange to invigorate you energy.
It is not an exact science, so go with the colors that reflect you and your working style.
Tip #5 - Have visual inspiration.
In my office there a paintings, photos of my family and inspirational desktop wallpapers. When the days get tough that visual cue of a loved one or favorite photograph will pick you back up.
With the amount of time we spend looking at the computer screen, why not give it an inspirational lift? There are many sites on the internet were you can download an inspirational desktop wallpaper or two. We can spend 8 - 10 hours a day looking at the computer, why not be inspired every time?

The Importance of a Good Office Chair

Most of us spend more than fifty percent of our day at work sitting in the office chair. Of course, most of the jobs require us to sit in a place and work. Just image, most of us work for 8 hours per day on an average and work for 5 days per week. This contributes to 48 weeks per year. Out of the 8 hour job, even if we sit for 5 hours a day, we will be spending 1200 hours sitting in the chair. This is equivalent to 50 days as well as nights together. So, don't you think the employers must value the office chair? Office desks are valued more than the chair. Though both the furniture is unanimated objects, office desks helps you to keep the computer, photos, paper work etc in an organized way away from the floor.
In any organization when budget is allocated for furniture, the office desk takes the majority of the budget. Office chair is thus dictated by the remaining fund only. Based on the math calculated above, now you know why it's important to check on the chair that you use. Office chairs are available in the range starting from £30. Though most of them have a solid construction and come with a maximum of 5 years of manufacturer's warranty, they are still not ergonomically sound for extended usage.
It can be derived clearly that employers who value the health of their staff would definitely go for better seating arrangements that is, a good office chair. This is definitely not a myth. This can be proven by the research done in the U.K. where it's found that more than 16.5 million people suffer due to back pain caused due to bad office chairs and furniture. The recent studies as of 2005 reports states that it's now stress that has over taken back pain. Stress is the primary reason for missing work. As per the HSE, as many as 5 million people who live in England are very stressed out by their work. Though stress can arise due to many reasons, one cannot deny that uncomfortable posture is also a certain reason for stress at a work place.
Thus, it cannot be concluded that with a good office chair, employees can over come stress and can take up challenges. However, people sitting on comfortable chairs will definitely be away from the trouble mentioned above and also be motivated at work. In the present market, office chair suppliers have good orthopedic seating based on physical comfort. However, these orthopedic chairs are not a great success in the price driven market due to the quotes and tenders. No one is willing to analyze the impact or consequences of inappropriate seating arrangements due to these reasons.

What Are the Advantages of Using Ticketing Software?

Many small to medium organizations or venue operators or not-for-profit organisations who are currently using a pen and paper method of recording ticket sales to their events might be unsure what advantages they would gain if they were to utilise box office ticketing software to handle all their ticketing. So let's look at a number of the principal advantages.
Easier ticket sales and recording.
Once a program and event is set up, the ticket sales process involves just a few clicks of the mouse to select the seat, select or enter the patron's name, record the payment and print the ticket. Many software programs can also print an address label and receipt for the customer if required.
Opportunity for Internet sales
Most box office software these days offers the ability to sell tickets online and print tickets at home which can not only increase sales opportunities, but save time and labour in handling phone or mail-order bookings, processing credit card payments and mailing out the tickets. Bar coded PDF tickets also offer better defense against fraud and copying.
Enhanced and more in depth reports
Most box office ticketing software will permit a wide range of reports to be either seen on screen or printed immediately for later scrutiny, including financial, transaction, attendance and customer records. Information is live and up-to-the-minute. If interactive seating charts are used, details on any ticket sold can be looked up immediately or searches performed by customer name and other fields.
Enhanced customer database
A detailed customer database can be used to expand marketing opportunities and develop a better relationship with customers. Most ticketing software has the ability to send out e-mails or print pre-formatted letters to customers directly from the database. The ticketing software may also offer the ability to classify customers in certain ways for marketing purposes
Time and labour saving
Entering data into a software system is much quicker and more accurate than pen and paper recording systems and the inherent linkage ensures that ticket sales are correctly associated with payments and with printed tickets. Avoids duplicate entering of customer data.
Permits multiple operators
A good box office ticketing system will allow any number of users to access and use the system either from the administration side or as ticket sellers. And if it is a Web-based system, any designated user with username and login would have the ability to access and operate the system no matter where in the world they are located.
Faster and easier transaction lookups
With interactive seating charts, an administrator is able to easily look up to whom each seat has been sold, the amount paid, the date the transaction took place and maybe also the ticket seller's name.
On demand Ticket printing
Ticketing software will normally give the option of either printing tickets immediately a ticket has been sold or at a later time. It will also allow for will call tickets, voucher ticket sales, group tickets, season tickets and other types of tickets.
Visual display of ticket availability from interactive seating charts
A seating chart gives the administrator or ticket seller the ability to quickly see which seats have been sold, which seats have been reserved and which seats are still available so they can quickly offer the best seats to a potential patron.
Season tickets
Box office software may enable season or subscription tickets to be quickly sold by assigning seats in all specified season events or performances concurrently. The best ticketing software will also offer the capability of rolling over subscriptions from one season the next with just a click or two of a mouse, retaining the same seat numbers for subscribers.
Sales linked to verified payments
Because a ticket sale will only be recorded as completed if the payment has been also confirmed, a software system will help to avoid possible errors in crosschecking payments received versus tickets issued. As most ticketing software is directly connected to a payment processor via payment gateway, tickets will only be recorded as "sold" when the credit card payment has been validated.
So even for non profit or community organizations who may only have a few events per year, box office ticketing software not only provides labor saving benefits, but offers many other advantages besides.

Effectively Managing Your Business Waste

Cutting down on the waste that is created in the work place should be a big concern for any business. It is possible to cut down on the amount of waste but there will be waste in the work place no matter what efforts are made to reduce it. It is very important to put a process in place that will allow you to manage this. A waste management policy helps you to do this effectively.
The benefits that come with putting a waste management policy in place are numerous. You will ensure that you are in compliance with regulations as well as strengthen your business. Implementing a waste management system can significantly save costs and it also improves your reputation in the eyes of current and potential customers.
When waste management policies are in place and the policy is incorporated into an environmental management system (EMS) your business will soon realise the benefits. The EMS will cut down on the environmental liability that your business has. It will also become much more appealing to customers because it has taken the necessary steps to become more environmentally friendly. This can ultimately lead to increased numbers of customers and better morale in the workforce.
The money savings from making use of items that you would normally have discarded can add up to a significant amount. If you use your materials wisely you can realise these monitory gains fairly quickly. Waste is different portions of a product that are being discarded. When you find uses for these items that would have been thrown away, your costs will obviously be lowered.
When your business has equipment that is no longer being used or is no longer usable it is a great idea to recycle it as well. The parts from older machinery can be disassembled and reused or sold to another company that is interested in repairing an older unit of their own.
Creating and implementing a waste management policy is something that many companies are turning to for cost savings. They use all of the materials they can so that they can cut the amount of waste that they are producing. They have begun to make use of recycled materials when they are available and are reducing their carbon emissions. They have created goals and strategies and are constantly working to achieve them.
As time goes by, it is very likely that the regulations and laws will become stricter and the incentives for being more eco friendly will become much higher. When the additional mandates are put in place and as the rewards begin to increase you will find that it is much easier to adhere if you already have a good waste management strategy in place.

Tips for Buying Green Office Supplies

Many people are aware now more than ever of the importance of a green lifestyle. This extends to out homes our cars, and even at the office. If you are the person responsible for purchasing the office supplies at your place of work, and are wanting to make your supplies more earth friendly. There are a few things you can do to help this process along. It only takes a few small changes it make a big difference, in the health of the planet, so if you have already been given the go ahead to purchase green office supplies, here are a few tips to help you get started.
Tip#1: Start with the paper. When taking your office to a greener place, it is a great idea to look at purchasing paper with a higher percentage of post-consumer content, or recycled materials. Recycled paper is a great way to get your place of working moving in a green direction. It is also a good idea to check the chlorine content of the paper you are purchasing. Chlorine is contained in paper to help to stay white when exposed to the sun, but paper with chlorine in it will release toxic organic chemical compounds back into the environment. It's a great idea to use recycled paper, but make sure you know what the chlorine content of it is.
Tip #2: Ink Cartridges. There are several ways you can do your part to be a green office when it comes to ink cartridges. Many of the large office suppliers sell re manufactured cartridges. Reusing these cartridges keeps an average of two and a half kilograms out of landfills. Not to mention, that remanufactured cartridges are less expensive than brand new ones. If this idea does not appeal to you, then you can always purchase a refill kit and take care of it yourself, but be aware that it will be time-comsuming and will expose you to some unhealthy chemicals.
Tip#3: Recycled Materials Aren't Just Used for Paper. There are many things you purchase for your office that are made of recycled materials. What does your office go through almost as quickly as paper? Pens and Pencils correct? There are many kinds of different pens and pencils available to purchase that are made of recycled materials. Everything from the outside of a pen casing to a wooden pencil can be made of recycled materials. It is also a good idea to purchase pens that can be refilled, so you aren't throwing them away as soon as you get them.
There are many ways you can do your part to live a green lifestyle. If you are trying to get this way of thinking into your place of work, a great place to start is by purchasing green office supplies. Many of the large manufacturers of office supplies have information on the specific products they offer available for you, so you can best determine the needs of your office, and still fit within your budget. It is important to recognize that we only have one planet, so it is important for everyone to do their part, even at the office. With a few small changes, your office can be considerably greener.