5 Tips For Adding Some Inspiration to Your Office

Tip #1 - Add a plant or two.
Give your office a refreshing feel with some green plants. They can provide a necessary contrast, especially when you have a lot of gadgets lying around. Particular types of plants, such as English Ivy, Heartleaf and Philodendron, will improve the quality in your office.
As with all plants, remember to place them near a window with adequate sunlight. Also remember to water them, or they won't be so inspirational.
Tip #2 - Set up a relaxation corner
Offices were not meant to be quiet. But designating an area in your office for relaxation and quite will give you a reason to relax. This can be as simple as small chair in the corner of the room next to your favorite book. It's up to you, just remember to use it.
Tip #3 - Add a whiteboard.
Get those ideas out of your head and somewhere real. After using them for many years it is hard to imagine my office without one. You can keep your daily tasks listed, jot out ideas of your next venture, plan for that big meeting, the possibilities are endless.
Tip #4 - Repaint your walls.
No one wants to feel dull and boring. But most people do this to themselves without even knowing it. The color of your office makes a huge difference to your mood. Choose blue and greens to be relaxed, or bright colors like yellow and orange to invigorate you energy.
It is not an exact science, so go with the colors that reflect you and your working style.
Tip #5 - Have visual inspiration.
In my office there a paintings, photos of my family and inspirational desktop wallpapers. When the days get tough that visual cue of a loved one or favorite photograph will pick you back up.
With the amount of time we spend looking at the computer screen, why not give it an inspirational lift? There are many sites on the internet were you can download an inspirational desktop wallpaper or two. We can spend 8 - 10 hours a day looking at the computer, why not be inspired every time?